March : The end of winter and new realities

This is not the diary post I expected to write. March, for gardeners is the month when the winter wrappers start to come off. It’s like letting light into a Victorian lumber room, pulling back the moth eaten drapes and watching the dust clouds spiral. You cough quite a bit and then scratch your head… Continue reading March : The end of winter and new realities

Finding hope in quiet things

It’s an increasingly unsettling time for everyone. It doesn’t feel that long since we were all planning our year ahead. Then, slowly, the severity of the new coronavirus outbreak has crept up on us until it became impossible to ignore. I was vaguely aware of something happening in China but didn’t pay too much attention.… Continue reading Finding hope in quiet things

February : The rain it raineth through one winter month too many

February always feels like one winter month too many. After an endless January it’s the month I always feel I could do without. It’s like a holding pen for spring. You know that the season is soon to change and that you’ve made it through the worse of winter but it’s not quite time to… Continue reading February : The rain it raineth through one winter month too many

The year turns

It’s been dry in the valley for the past few days. There’s even been some fleeting glimpses of blue sky. The temperature has felt odd to me, far too warm to be truly winter. The birds have been quite vocal and the slithers of extra light that we’re beginning to get at the end of… Continue reading The year turns

Autumn, anticipation and new horizons

I take up the tenancy of an acre of land on the outskirts of a village about three miles from my home on the 29th September. The site is a steady climb then descent from our village which lies in a dip between steep hills on the edge of the temperate rainforest that clings to… Continue reading Autumn, anticipation and new horizons