Growing A Vision

Over 80% of the flower seeds purchased in the UK come from overseas and are sold by a handful of large seed merchants. The product they sell isn’t always suited to UK growing conditions.

We’re creating an artisan flower seed business in the beautiful Tamar Valley, Cornwall.

🐝 Our aim is to focus on pollinator friendly annuals and biennials that you can grow at home no matter how large your plot.

🐝 We want to encourage more people to grow their own cut flowers and to cut down on the need for poor quality imports from overseas and the carbon that trade produces.

🐝 We want to get more people growing flowers in window boxes and in containers

🐝 We want to help create more mini wildflower meadows and encourage guerrilla gardeners with wildflower seedbombs

🐝 We want to tread lightly on the land, use only non-mechanised tools and organic growing methods.

🐝 We want to be a part of the long growing story of the Tamar Valley by dedicating some of our site to local variety apples for local sale.

🐝 We want to sell a small amount of cut flowers locally

We hope to have our first seeds available for purchase by late summer/early Autumn 2020. In the meantime you can follow our progress as we set about turning our vision into a growing reality.