My name’s Martyn and I’m the owner of Green Fuse Garden.

I’m a nature loving horticulturist and freelance writer who relocated to south-east Cornwall from York in early 2019. While I was in York I ran a cycle powered, green gardening business .

I always liked the idea of being a market gardener or flower farmer. My family were farmers and smallholders for generations and I think I’ve always had a sense of longing to get back to the land to some degree. Having moved to the Tamar Valley I learnt about the long history of market gardening that took place here. There’s still market gardens in the valley today, but it’s nothing like its heyday when vast quantities of soft fruit, flowers,salad crops and vegetables were shipped via the Tamar Valley train line to Plymouth and on to London.

I discovered a project locally to make land available to horticultural start-ups. It was then I realised that this offered an amazing opportunity to put some flesh on my ideas. I’d been reading about the unethical, environmentally catastrophic practices in the mass market cut-flower trade. Most are grown in the developing world in horticultural sweat shops, laced with chemical cocktails and then shipped to us by plane. Thousands of carbon hungry planes filled with flowers traverse the globe every day to satisfy our demand for cheap blooms. Its not a sustainable model.

There’s some fantastic UK based cut flower growers but there isn’t enough land for UK growers to replace the imports. But there might be an answer…..

Grow You Own produce has never been cooler. More and more people are giving it a try for health, enjoyment and the environment. So what about growing your own cut-flowers ? Thousands already do in their gardens or on their allotments. It’s a great way to have an abundance of flowers in your house with little cost to the environment and your wallet. What’s more by planting pollinator friendly annuals and biennials you’re providing food for the creatures that we all rely upon.

Rather than being a net negative for the environment, cut-flowers can become a positive. Growing your own flowers can transform your life and environment for the better !

Green Fuse Garden will be selling organically produced, open pollinated flower seeds direct from the Tamar Valley. No industrial scale production involved, just good honest toil, Cornish soil, Atlantic rain and busy bees.

We’ll advise on how to grow your own cut flowers whatever space you have available be it several acres or a window box. If your funds are limited, growing flowers from seed is a cost-effective and rewarding way to get your own mini-garden and help pollinators.

We’ll also be selling a small quantity of cut flowers locally, developing a mini-orchard of Tamar Valley variety apple trees, hosting beehives and growing native wildflowers for bee bombs.

But the journey starts with these first steps….

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. I hope you’ve read something here that sparks your interest and I hope you’ll follow my progress as I set about turning a vision into a reality.

Thanks for dropping by