February : The rain it raineth through one winter month too many

February always feels like one winter month too many. After an endless January it’s the month I always feel I could do without. It’s like a holding pen for spring. You know that the season is soon to change and that you’ve made it through the worse of winter but it’s not quite time to start getting too dreamy about daffodils and primroses, never mind bluebells.

Often February can be the month where winter finally delivers on its promise of cold weather. This year that hasn’t really been the case. It’s just been wet. Just as the rest of winter was wet. Just as most of autumn was wet.

Completely dry days have felt few and far between. The acre is sodden. The ground feels like it’s at full capacity. I’m grateful that I managed to get most of the preparations done earlier in the winter.

I think there must have been days when the sun shone. My instagram feed suggests there was but they’re hard to recall. It felt like a month of preparations and biding my time. I bought lots more seed trays, compost and completed my seed orders. I cut the first of the willow I’ll be using for plant supports.

Then, at the end of the month I began sowing in the polytunnel. As I did so the Tamar Valley daffodils started to flower in the lanes, as too did the primroses. They’re both getting ready for the main event in a week or so.

February was a sodden, plodding month but I think I’m where I should be at the beginning of March. We’ve seen the sun a bit more this week. There’s still been plenty of rain. Sunday night kicked off the new month with monsoon like quantities that fell in a very short space of time.

But there’s a bit more hope now. Spring is unstoppable. Everything is raring to go. My sowing steps up a gear as we move from the season’s phony meteorological start to its astronomical certainty in a couple of weeks time.


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