The year turns

It’s been dry in the valley for the past few days. There’s even been some fleeting glimpses of blue sky. The temperature has felt odd to me, far too warm to be truly winter. The birds have been quite vocal and the slithers of extra light that we’re beginning to get at the end of… Continue reading The year turns

Little milestones, shortening days, autumn inching on

November is nearly over and as meteorological winter shuffles into view you can feel the season getting ready to change. It was still quite warm when I began the tenancy of the land at the end of September, the temperature has dropped over the past few weeks and the heavens have opened. The trees are… Continue reading Little milestones, shortening days, autumn inching on

October 2019

It’s been a really interesting and satisfying 4 weeks since I took up the tenancy of the land. The acre is still full of weeds, it’s still a knot of long grass, thistles and docks in large parts. The ground is often heavy with rain and difficult to work. The mud cakes thick on your… Continue reading October 2019

Week 1 : Turning up, potatoes, views and epic downhills

It’s almost been a week since we took on the tenancy of the land that is going to become Green Fuse Garden . After a Spring and Summer spent imagining how things might be, slowly coming up with plans and then forcing those ideas into a business plan it was good to finally be standing… Continue reading Week 1 : Turning up, potatoes, views and epic downhills

Autumn, anticipation and new horizons

I take up the tenancy of an acre of land on the outskirts of a village about three miles from my home on the 29th September. The site is a steady climb then descent from our village which lies in a dip between steep hills on the edge of the temperate rainforest that clings to… Continue reading Autumn, anticipation and new horizons